AxiDev has been providing software training since 1999, and continues to do so utilizing one of two methods:

1. Custom designed training – first evaluation is performed to determine the exact needs of the student(s), then a course program is developed and taught in a classroom setting or remotely.

2. Standard training – many software packages have standard training manuals that have already been developed, which we utilize in our training sessions.

The classroom setting is provided by you, our client.  If your office is located within 30 minutes driving time, there is no charge for travel to and from your location.

Our training classes carry a flat fee, so more students reduce the per student fee.  However, we do limit the student count to 10, otherwise progress through the material will slow dramatically.  Then the per student fee will effectively rise.

With the training class each student will be allowed 2 Q/A calls regarding the course material for 30 days following the final class session.

We have recently added recorded video classes that are geared toward individual learning, but could be viewed in a classroom setting.  Feel free to browse our Courses section.